SketchUp Pro

$349.00 / year

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Professional 3D modeling.

The classic desktop software mixed with shiny new SketchUp for Web modeler, and many things you’ve been asking for over the years — including the ability to store, publish, and share projects in the cloud with Trimble Connect.

Simple. Powerful


Design, document and communicate your ideas with the most intuitive 3D software.

Iterate in 3D

Quickly develop your projects and work through your ideas in 3D space.

Accurate Detailed Models

SketchUp enables you to define, design, and plan in all stages of the project with accuracy.

What's in your 3D modeling toolbox?

SketchUp Pro

Fast, easy 3D modeling for anything you can imagine.

SketchUp Web

The SketchUp web modeler is packed with all the features you need to turn your designs into reality.

Trimble Connect Business

Collaborate and store your SketchUp projects in the cloud. Access to your files anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

Document your design

LayOut gives you all the tools you need to create drawing sets.

Virtual Reality

Your clients will be wowed with a walkthrough of their project on Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, or Oculus, on your phone or tablet.

Make your project yours

Your projects are made even more unique with custom Styles, Materials, and Outliner. Dynamic Components will help make that work easy and smooth.

"SketchUp is our Swiss Army knife that equips us to do all these tasks at different scales consistently well.”
Ivan Borov - 3DEA

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