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Every Detail your firm needs to get started. Over 27,500 Generic Revit and Autocad Details with 50 Detail Library Sub-Categories. 

What is F+DW?

Families and Details Warehouse is a comprehensive library of 27,000+ Revit and Autocad Details that range from doors, foundations, roofs, and more. With over 50 Families containing 2D and 3D Caseworks. 

All of this is organized and managed in channels through AVAIL, a content manager designed by architects for architects.

Families & Details

All Details all customizable to fit your firm’s needs. The F+DW collection is an excellent starting point if you don’t already have a content library and can be used to update existing libraries.

  • 27,000+ Revit & AutoCAD Details.
  • Easy file conversion cross-platforms
  • All Details are provided in.rvt and .dwg format
  • Rich selection of Details spanning from Doors, Foundations, Roofs, Windows, and more.

With over 50 Detail Library Sub-Categories, you can use F+DW to drive your firm’s internal standards. All F+DW Families are tagged, so you can easily find what you’re looking for within moments.

Powered By AVAIL

The rich library of F+DW is delivered through AVAIL and makes it easy for your firm to access that same Details across platforms. Organize through channels and ensure that no one cuts corners. 

With F+DW and AVAIL, keeping and maintaining high standards is made simple.



 – Curtain Wall Door (in wall) 

 – Curtain Wall Door Jamb (in wall)

 – Exterior Door Jamb

 – Exterior Door Threshold

 – Interior Door Head

 – Interior Door Jamb

    and more…


 –  Abbreviated Rake

 – Boxed Scupper

 – Boxed-in Eave

 – Boxed-in Rake

 – Cantilevered Truss

 – Exposed Rake

 – Exposed Tails

    and more…


 – Basement / Crawl Space construction

 – Grade Beam

 – Spread Footing

 – Strip Footing

 – Thickened Slab


 –  Curtain Wall Head (in wall)

 – Curtain Wall Horizontal Mullion

 – Curtain Wall Jamb (sill below)

 – Curtain Wall Vertical Mullion

    and more…


2D Families

 – Steel Tubes

 – Ceiling Tile

 – Fasteners

 – Shingles

 – Insulation

 – Flooring

 – and over 1,000 more…

3D Families

 –  Casework

 – Modular Cabinets

 – Doors

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