Unleash your 3D content.

An intuitive 3D content application for virtually anyone. Publish RPC or 3D models for architecture and design visualization, game development, or any metaverse you are building.

What is FOVEA?

FOVEA™ is a cloud-based 3D model configuration tool that leverages ArchVision’s newest generation RPC™ technology. Quickly and easily import, configure, and optimize 3D content for publishing to RPC or 3D assets for Enscape or V-Ray.

RPC Subscribers get access to FOVEA™ part of your subscription, you can transform 3D models from virtually any 3D model source into a massive 3D model library.

Get The Best of Both Worlds

Use RPC across applications.


Download Pure 3D assets ready for your renderer.

Key FOVEA Features

Import your files.

3D model sources are virtually unlimited. Easily transform your existing 3D model library or models you need to buy on the fly.

Simple material controls.

Materials in FOVEA are built on PBR standards.  Quickly configure the materials of a model to fit your specific project needs. 

Choose your RPC preview.

 RPC models can be displayed in your modeling application as simple as a bounding box, 3D billboard, adjustable quality preview mesh, or custom mesh.

Optimize textures and meshes.

Control the performance of your 3D model. Textures and meshes can be optimized globally.

Configure and publish fast.

Publish RPCs from virtually any 3D model. Publish optimize geometry and textures without additional software. 

Configurable Creator Content

As part of your ArchVision RPC subscription you get access to Creator content in FOVEA™. There are over 400 configurable models. Prepare, publish, and use seamlessly in your project as RPC or Pure assets for your renderer.

Save time converting and optimizing 3D models.