Remarkable 3D Plants

Laubwerk offers easy-to-use RPC content for Architects and CG artists looking for authentic and intelligent 3D plants to elevate their designs.

Easy. Fast. Beautiful.

Laubwerk creates elegant 3D tree asset solutions for professional CG artists and designers. With the ease-of-use of traditional static libraries and the dynamism of full plant modelers, Laubwerk’s 3D Plants Kits offer creators the best of both worlds. 

The Laubwerk channel has:

  • 120 species organized by common or botanical name
  • Each species has at least 3 shapes, 2 ages, and 2 seasons.
  • All models are in 3D

Powered by the novel programming of Laubwerk’s CG engineers, users enjoy a fluid interface that expertly balances the creativity of the artist with a streamlined workflow.

RPC powered.

With the Archvision premium Laubwerk subscription, these assets are delivered to designers and architects through the powerful RPC technology platform. 

The Laubwerk RPC portfolio is 100% platform-agnostic and can be used in any design application without file conversion. Designers access, manage and utilize these RPCs through AVAIL’s industry-leading content management platform.

Laubwerk Meets ArchVision

There isn’t a more robust library of RPC vegetation.
The Laubwerk channel starts with 200 species with seasonal and maturity variations.

Bring your landscapes to life.