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The easiest way to design.

SketchUp Studio combines the power of the SketchUp tools you know and love with other tools. With Sefaira your projects can benefit from the analysis tools you need to biuld efficient buildings.

Model in SketchUp, analyze performance goals and keep your projects moving ahead with confidence. SketchUp Studio helps you build consensus on how to improve your project, keep you focused on your project deliverables and worry less about being on course with your project goals. 

Power in simplicity


3D modeling your ideas in SketchUp is as intuitive as sketching with a pencil and paper. Communicate and document your designs with ease.

Design iteration

Design and develop your projects quickly by evaluating your ideas in 3D. 

Delivering accuracy

All projects stages require accuracy. SketchUp enables you to focus on the precision and planning complexities of any project.

What's in your 3D modeling toolbox?

SketchUp Pro for Desktop

An easy-to-use UI and intuitive tolls make SketchUp the easiest way to design your building in 3D.

Build performance with Sefaira

Sefaira enables you to analyze energy use, daylighting, occupant thermal comfort, and HVAC before you build.

Cloud Based collaboration

Coordinate building models with stakeholders using Trimble Connect.

Compelling Graphics

Presentation-ready and cohesive graphics are a breeze with SketchUp, LayOut and Sefaira. 

Virtual and augmented reality apps​

Tour project models with your clients in the office or on site at a 1:1 scale using our range of AR/VR and mobile apps.

Make your project yours, stay connected.​

SketchUp for Web lets you model from anywhere at anytime – without installing anything. 

"SketchUp is our Swiss Army knife that equips us to do all these tasks at different scales consistently well.”
Ivan Borov - 3DEA

Let's get to work