ArchVision RPC Content: November Trees Additions

ArchVision proudly introduces four new hi-res RPC tree additions. This collection includes ginkgo [5], a small but hardy tree, deciduous tree [16], a dense narrow tree, deciduous tree [10], a nice round-topped tree and deciduous tree [17] with wide reaching branches. These trees are ready for download via the ArchVision Dashboard. ArchVision Software License plan […]

ArchVision RPC Content: October Plants Additions

Introducing three new hi-res ArchVision RPC plant additions. This collection includes the yellow outdoor plant [9], red flowering shrub [7], and tiny yellow-budded flowering shrub [5]. All of these are ready to download via the ArchVision Dashboard and begin using in your scene. ArchVision Software License plan customers have access to these and thousands more. […]

ArchVision RPC Content: October Trees Additions

ArchVision welcomes the arrival of Fall with the release four new hi-res deciduous trees. This collection includes deciduous tree [19], a tall bushy green deciduous tree, and it’s crimson counterparts deciduous tree [23], deciduous tree [24] and deciduous tree [25]. Each of these hi-res trees will add some vibrant color to your next rendering project. […]

Revit 2013 to 3ds Max 2013 Interoperability for RPC Content Update

Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 released a patch to enable Revit 2013 to 3ds Max 2013 RPC Content support. The patch does require the user to install some updates. To enable interoperability, please follow the following steps: 1) Download the FBX Plug-in Update. 2) Download the 3ds Max 2013 product update. Original Link: Updated […]

ArchVision RPC Content: September Plants Additions

ArchVision is pleased to announce the addition of three new hi-res outdoor plants to the RPC Content Exchange. This collection of plants includes the feathery pink outdoor plant [5], outdoor plant [2] a short leafy green plant, and the silver-grey santolina plant. Each of these hi-res plants are a perfect addition to your next landscaping […]

ArchVision RPC Content: September Trees Additions

ArchVision is pleased to announce the addition of three new hi-res deciduous trees to the RPC Content Exchange. This collection of trees include a mature deciduous tree [2], deciduous tree [9], a perfect tree for a cityscape, and a variegated norway maple [5], a nicely formed young tree. Each of these are an excellent addition […]

ArchVision RPC Content: August Plants Additions

ArchVision is pleased to announce the addition of three new hi-res plants to the RPC Content Exchange. This collection of flowering plants include flowering plant with violet blooms, flowering plant [2] with bright pink flowers, and flowering plant [3] with tiny white flowers. Each of these are a perfect addition to any garden or flower […]

ArchVision RPC Content: August Trees Additions

The deciduous tree collection continues to grow at ArchVision this August as we introduce (4) new beautiful tree specimens. These new trees include vivid green sugar maple [2] common to the hardwood forests of northeastern North America, vibrant red japanese maple [2] which will bring some color into any Fall scene, skinny green poplar [2] […]

ArchVision RPC Content: July Trees Additions

We are proud to announce the July 2012 Deciduous Tree Additions Collection featuring 4 distinct Deciduous Trees. These deciduous trees include the lofty Deciduous Tree [3], dense leafy Deciduous Tree [4], wide branched Deciduous Tree [5] and the vibrant maroon Royal Maple [5]. These trees are ready to plant their roots into your next 3D […]

New ArchVision Software License Options

ArchVision Software License decisions just got easier! ArchVision Software Licenses bundle RPC Content and Plugins. This license includes all ArchVision RPC content and the AutoCAD, 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. Users may purchase a Node Lock License ($249/year) which allows them to utilize plug-ins and RPC content on a single computer or a Floating […]