ArchVision Dashboard
ArchVision Dashboard just got better! This is a free update for all ArchVision users and is now available for download. Newly added features will improve your workflow. Check out the new features and improved user interface:

  • Drag & Drop support for RPC Content into Autodesk Revit 2013 & 2014, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk 3ds Max     Design and Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Management tools for RPC Plug-ins.
  • Organization tools for local and global RPC Content.
  • Simplified licensing system.
  • How do you get ArchVision Dashboard on your desktop?
    Users will receive an update notification or you may opt to download the installer here.
    Who needs ArchVision Dashboard?
    ArchVision Software License and All Access License holders definitely need it! There are a few users out there who are still using legacy versions of 3d software applications who should keep their existing ACM to allow support for older plug-ins. Not sure what to do? Please contact
    Special thanks to our beta testers who worked with our team to get the kinks worked out earlier this year. Because of their commitment to improving the ArchVision experience, this version of ArchVision Dashboard lays the ground work to enable us to develop several new features, including cloud rendering support, content creation and new admin tools.
    If you have any issues that come up during the install process, please contact us so we can help you quickly resolve.

    3 Responses

    1. Does this release include Autodesk cloud rendering capability for content beyond what ships with Revit? If not, is there a target date for this capability? This continues to be my highest priority for RPC content.

      1. Eli,
        RaaS (cloud rendering) is a very high priority for us as well. We are working with Autodesk to make additional necessary changes in the cloud to get this in place — target is last quarter of this year. This build of ArchVision Dashboard will provide us a platform to enable this feature.
        We’ll keep you posted!
        Dee Fife, ArchVision

        1. Hi Eli,
          Autodesk 360 cloud-based rendering now support RPC Content. Updates to enable for Revit 2014 are available now. Our latest post provides instructions and links.
          Dee Fife, ArchVision