The Autodesk Exchange in AutoCAD 2012 is now live and features a wide array of add-ons (free & paid):
• Plug-ins (yes, the RPC Plug-in for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, and Civil 3d is in there)
• Standalone applications
• Content (including RPC People, Tree, Cars & Objects Sample Content)
• Books & Training Materials
We’re distributing our RPC Plug-in for AutoCAD 2012 for free and we’ve also included demo Plug-ins and sample Content for use in a wide array of other Autodesk apps! Here’s a quick tutorial to help you get up and running once you’ve downloaded the Plug-in from the Exchange.
How Do I Find the Autodesk Exchange?

Only one way for now. AutoCAD 2012 users access the exchange in-app via the ‘Apps’ tab. We encourage users to check it out.

Step by step instructions: Accessing the RPC Plugin
We’d like to know what you think about the exchange! Once you’ve tried it, drop us a note.

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  1. Wow, now I can’t wait to try the new AutoCAD 2012! I hope that the User Interface just like AutoCAD 2011 or similar to it.