by Michael Taylor

AutoCAD 2012 is now available. In its latest incarnation, AutoCAD 2012 supports RPC Content drag & drop from the ArchVision Dashboard. Now it is possible for RPC All Access users to search for content and drag it directly into their scenes. The ArchVision Dashboard does the rest. No need to locate content, map it and configure the RPC Plug-in to recognize it. Just drag and drop and users are ready to render. The RPC Plug-in is supported by many flavors of AutoCAD including AutoCAD Architecture and Civil 3D. Celebrating nearly 25 years as the original computer-aided design tool, AutoCAD 2012 has more features than ever before.
View the process of installing the RPC Plug-in for AutoCAD, downloading content and placing it into a scene in the following video tutorial:

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  1. That’s good news, Now the dashboard will be more flexible. I cannot wait anyone to check out the new AutoCAD 2012!

  2. no aparece el rpc en mi autocad

    • @Luis, RPC Content may be accessed in AutoCAD 2012 or later versions, as well as, Autodesk Revit and 3ds Max. Visit the Autodesk Exchange: to download ArchVision Dashboard. For additional assistance please contact us at