V-Ray Next for Unreal

$80.00 / month

V-Ray for Unreal introduces the fastest, simplest way for architects, product designers and pre-vis specialists to bring V-Ray
scenes into real-time and render ray-traced images directly from Unreal Editor, supporting both V-Ray scenes and native Unreal
Engine scenes.

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V-Ray for Unreal is a plug-in for Unreal Engine (UE) Editor that allows you to import your V-Ray scenes from 3ds Max, Maya,
and SketchUp directly to Unreal Engine Editor for rendering. V-Ray for Unreal maintains data consistency and your original
materials from V-Ray for 3ds Max, Maya and SketchUp remain connected to their real-time versions and are called up when
you’re ready to render. V-Ray for Unreal can also be used for light baking and for rendering of native UE scenes or of 3rd party
data that has been imported to Unreal Engine Editor with Epic’s own Datasmith.


Architectural visualization
Interior design
Automotive and product design
VFX previsualization and motion capture