V-Ray for SketchUp

$350.00 / year

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V-Ray for SketchUp

V-Ray 5 lets you explore your designs in real-time, make interactive changes and quick design decisions. Try hundreds of lighting variations on your scene, new materials and apply finishing touches on your renders directly in SketchUp. 

© Larch Studio
Architecture NEXT 16

Real-time and photoreal rendering in one.

Enjoy a live, real-time visualization of your model while you work in SketchUp.

Visualize designs in real-time

With V-Ray Vision you can visualize designs in real-time while working in SketchUp. Move around your model, apply materials, set up lights and cameras—all in a live real-time view of your scene. And when you’re ready for photo quality renders, V-Ray is ready to go.

© Chaos Group
© Chaos Group

See designs in their best light.

Light Gen is a new V-Ray tool that automatically generates thumbnails of your SketchUp scene each one presenting a unique lighting scenario. Choose your favorite look and you’re ready to render.

Lighting made easy

Adjust the lights in your scene even after you render. With Light Mix, once your scene is rendered, you can interactively adjust the brightness and color of any light without having to render again.

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