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Family and Detail Warehouse plans include:

Unlimited access to all details including both Revit & AutoCAD

Easily Search & Download Details with the power of AVAIL

Simply add downloaded content to your firm’s library and distribute via your standard delivery method(s).

Firm Size

Less than 50

$549 / year

Firm Size

Less than 250

$1,049 / year

Firm Size

Less than 500

$1,599 / year

Firm Size

500 plus

$2,199 / year

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an AVAIL account?

No, you do not need an AVAIL account to download F+DW content.

How do I distribute content to others in my firm?

F+DW site-licensed content is intended to be downloaded by one user to your firm’s library and distributed via your standard delivery method(s).

How does AVAIL work with Family and Detail Warehouse?

F+DW content is delivered through AVAIL.

Where can I find general information about AVAIL?


Where is my content being downloaded?

The default location for content downloads is C:\Users\[user]\Downloads, but you can change this location by clicking the More Items menu in the top right corner of the app. Select the Channels Details option. Click on the Edit Icon. Here you can browse to a new location for your downloads. Click Save to finish.

Can I download all the F+DW content at one time?

F+DW is structured to be downloaded one piece of content at a time. Please contract support@archvision.com for more information.

Try it for free

With the preview, you’ll be able to view F+DW channels of content and download samples.

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